Crazy Days Ahead…

…and I volunteered for them!

Really.  Today I leave for my Mother in Laws place.  She just recently sold her property, and needs to get her stuff off of it.  Lets just say it’s a lot of stuff.  I offered to come down, and begin the sorting process for her.  You see, she has 6 or so sheds that have accumulated stuff over time.  There really is no order to whats in them, and I get to go through them all!  I know it sounds crazy; why would anyone in their right mind want to clean and organize a bunch of sheds?  Here’s the thing.  These sheds are like time capsules.

Items have entered these storage buildings, only to be forgotten, and piled upon.  I’m giddy with excitement thinking of what I could discover.  There could be toys from Husband’s childhood; maybe I had the same ones; we could’ve been connected for that moment in time, each playing with the same toy, miles apart, neither knowing that the other existed.  I could find  old forgotten photos of Husband that can give me clues to how Son could look in the future.  I could even find old clothes from the 80’s to get an idea of what life was like for his whole family.  The possibilities are endless.  I know, it makes be a bit of an archeologist to be doing all this, and since one shed has completely collapsed and been retaken by the earth, I really will be digging with shovels and brushes.

As I’m sure you are all dying to know what treasures I will uncover, I plan to photograph a few, and share them here.  Mind you, Husband comes from a family of tractor mechanics and trailer builders.  Many of the items will simply be parts and tools, but even these can be crazy looking.  I hope you enjoy the next few posts “from the road” so to speak.  I know I will!


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