Clothes Horse…

Since I’ve begun working, I’ve had to face the fact that I have nothing to wear.  No, I’m not just being an over-dramatic girl, I was really scraping bottom.  You see, six months before I lost my job, I had a kid.  One month before I lost my job I had started working out with a personal trainer.  I weighed less than I did before I got pregnant, and all my clothes were starting to hang.  I figured I’d hold off just a bit until I was at my physical peek before I went shopping for a whole new wardrobe, so I’d only have to do it once, and to save some money.  I was probably a month out when I got canned.  Well, everybody knows you don’t need your at-home clothes to fit perfectly, so for the past 2 years, I’ve been making do with what I had, picking up a piece here and there as needed.

Well, yesterday, I went shopping.  In order to save the most money, I limited my time to the local outlet mall.  To expedite the process, I printed off the map, and highlighted the stores I wanted to check out before I left the house.  It’s always good to have a game plan, I say.  To further ensure that my time and money were well spent, I only shopped at stores that carried Petite sizes.  This may be new to some of you.  If you are female, and under 5′-4″, then you should try petite sizes.  They are cut with shorter frames in mind.  The length between the shoulders and the waist is made shorter, and the hem lines are raised.  The clothes will fit better, which means you will look better, and you don’t have to get them altered.  Sorry, men, I don’t know what you would have to do.

So, by limiting my search to these places, I was sure to only spend my money on items that I liked, and that fit, instead of pieces that I really liked, but weren’t an optimum fit and would need to be altered.  Seriously, we petite ladies often try to fool ourselves into thinking we can wear normal sized items and be fine.  Once I hit the jackpot, I tried on everything, and then narrowed it down.  I didn’t need two pairs of black pants, and I already had a black dress at home that I got from my grandmother.  So even if I tried them on, I tossed them out.  I also checked to see whether it would need to be dry cleaned or not.  I have a hard time getting to the cleaners, and they are so expensive – not to mention terrible for the environment, so these would get passed up too.   Also, all the items should be interchangeable and classic enough to wear for years.  In the end, I had quite a haul, and quite a price tag.  So, in the interest of saving money, I did something I’ve never done.  I got a store card.

Why?  Well, it did give me a wicked discount, on top of the already 40% off sale, and will send me more coupons later that I can use at another store where I’ve had my eye on this great top and necklace.  I can also pay off the balance instantly at the register after I use it, so I don’t have to worry about the first-born-child interest rate.

In the end I spent more than I intended to, and I was worried what Husband would say, but he seemed understanding.  I hope he likes my new wardrobe. I think I may have to wait a few months before I get that necklace and new top, though.


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