As I’ve mentioned before, Son gets to participate in Halloween this year.  I started the festivities by purchasing him a Curious George Halloween book.  The poor kid didn’t know what Halloween was, but between me and George, we’ve got him set straight.  One of his favorite sections in the book is when George goes to the pumpkin patch.  He’d been begging me for weeks to get a pumpkin of our own, so Saturday, Son and I picked up two.  I then made him wait until Sunday to carve them.

Husband took the task of cutting the lid, and the main bulk of the cleaning out.  You’d think that a 2 year old boy would love the idea of putting his hand into a pumpkin and pulling out slime, but nope, not so much.  His exact words were “eeww, that’s dirty,” and with a shake of his head, he politely backed out.  Husband and I still designed and cut our own, and Son fully approved.

Now I know that you can roast pumpkin to make bread and pies,  and they are pretty tasty breads and pies, but that’s usually done with the pumpkin meat, not the slimy innards.  I would love to know what I can do to turn those threads into something delicious, but I’m at a loss.  Instead, in the effort of not wasting, Son and I sprinkled the scraps over the area of the yard where my garden is/will be.  Hopefully, they will at the very least strengthen the soil in my backyard.

What do you do with yours?


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