Another Point for Recycling…

Yesterday I taught Chemistry, and one biology class.  One thing I noticed was that the teacher had stations set up so the students could recycle their trash.  In case you don’t know, students can be incredibly messy and wasteful.  They still beleive that nothing has an end, and they can always get new.  Don’t beleive me?  Take a case of cokes to a party with only 6 kids, see how many half-empty cans you find at the end.

Still, the teacher was trying to guide them, even if I did catch some eye-rolling along the way.  The teacher had a trashcan for trash, but a cardboard box for all paper products, and a plastic laundry basket for all the plastic bottles students tend to go through.  I liked how she made it simple and visual – paper bin for paper, plastic bin for plastic.  It was easy, and to the point.

Husband has been asking me to get a trashcan for all of our recyclables; he claims he will start recycling if I do.  Currently I just stack them on the counter, and take them out when I clean house.  I don’t have space for separate bins, and to be honest, I don’t recycle paper that ofter – could be because of the stacking method I currently employ.  Just the same, its a neat idea.

Maybe when we redo our kitchen I can get a recycling bin into the design.  You know they put them on children’s playhouses now.


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