Did You Know…

…that fabric stores carry more than just old-lady fabric and ribbons?  They have upholstery, seat foam, sheets of plastic and vinyl, even lamps.

I was in the fabric store yesterday to get supplies for a project that shall remain nameless until finished and posted here for all to see.  While walking through the store for ideas, I discovered they carry belt-strapping and buckles.  You could make your very own belt – which is pretty cool if you happen to have something like a BMW emblem you want to make into a belt-buckle….no, not me, I’m not that commercialized, I would never…

They also have all the things necesarry to make your own jewelry, in case you wanted to match that uber-awesome belt you just made.

And the sheet plastics and vinyl? You could recover the seats in your ’82 Pinto so that it looks extra posh.  But if you prefer the look of those beaded or sherpa seat covers, they’ve got the stuff for that too!

Next time you pass by one, just walk in.  Don’t be fooled by the bolts of fabric in the front of the store, all the good stuff is in the back.


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