Trick or Treat…

Halloween in my house is not the crazy freak-show that many people love.  I, for one, hate being scared.  Hate it.  And all those ghouls and bloody zombies are just gross.  I also don’t like all those people who send their infant children out trick or treating; I feel it’s just an excuse for the parents to get free candy, to which I say “Go buy your own.”  Because of this, we haven’t taken Son trick or treating the past two years.  We haven’t even dressed him up.  But this year is different.  He can eat candy now, and more importantly, he can say “Trick or Treat.”  This means he will need a costume.

My favorite part of Halloween has always been the costuming, but not just the scary, store bought ones, no I like the creative, thoughtful ones.  Now I’m not idealist enough to think I can dress a 2.5 year old up as some abstract joke, but I can insure that his costume still be creative.  Husband and I decided long ago that home made costumes are more fun than the others, and as a rule, we would only allow home made costumes to be worn by our children.  This insured that I wouldn’t have a demon-child running out the door, and that Husband would get to have some fun building and making stuff.  Of course, once Son is older, he will be in charge of making his own costume – gotta teach them independence.

This year, Son really likes robots.  I don’t really know why, we don’t have any books on them, and they aren’t in any of the shows he watches on TV.  Never the less, he’s always going around the house saying “I robot!.”  OK, then a robot you shall be.  I will be slaving over my sewing machine trying to get the arms and legs just right, and Husband will be making the cardboard body.  I’m just hoping I can find a way to keep the helmet on his head.


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