Finally Friday…

I’ve been substitute teaching this week, and I’m ready to take today off.  I needed to stay home to get laundry washed, groceries bought, and the house cleaned.  I can’t remember how I did it all before when I was working full time.  I feel like I have less time than I had before.  Maybe I just have more that I want to do.  Like finish that last Thrift Store project, or start a new “Architectural Diagrams” unit for my blog.  All sorts of crazy things.  And yet, today I don’t have much to share with you.  Sorry.

SO, what about you?  Do you have projects just waiting on you?


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One response to “Finally Friday…

  1. namhenderson

    Yeah i have like at least three things. Some writing I am trying to finish, getting my fall garden in and some additional stuff. Been so busy the last week though with local government meetings and then then week before that with being sick, that i haven’t had much of a chance to gain momentum.

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