As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve begun to fill my time with needlework.  I like that it’s hand consuming while not being mind consuming.  It gives me something to do and I can still be part of whatever is happening in my house.  My most recent project came as a challenge to my Husband.

I was watching Julia Roberts on Oprah last season, when she mentioned that she’s quite into sewing, and although she’s no Vera Wang, she did make her husband a pair of pants, which he lovingly wears.  I asked my husband is he would ever wear something I made.  He said yes, but maybe not out of the house.  So, I did some thinking.  I wanted to prove to him that I could make something he would want to wear out of the house.  I decided on embroidering a T-Shirt with a wiring diagram.  He’s a car guy, so he’d like that, and it’s something sort of vague, and I like that.

I used google image search to find just what I needed.  Luckily for me, their search function has a narrow-down feature for finding just line art; very handy for embroidery.  Since we have a 67 LeMans, I looked for something related to that, and found a 68 GTO wiring diagram; close enough.  After I got it printed to the right size, I debated hand drawing the image onto the shirt, or just pinning, and then stitching through the paper.  After a short test, I went with the latter.

It took me longer than any of my other projects to finish, and used more colours than I have ever used, but I’m pleased with it, I’d say.  True test?  Husband wears it out of the house!



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5 responses to “T-Shirts…

  1. Pamela

    That is the true test, hands down. Question…why is it that you spell “colours” instead of colors? Just wondering 🙂

  2. That is an awesome looking shirt!

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