You Won Believe This…

The mercury finally fell below hell-fire, and we could open the windows yesterday.  I know, that’s pretty unbelievable, but there’s more.  So I worked my way through he house raising sashes, and taking in deep, fresh breaths, until I got to the windows in my room.  There are two windows in my room, and when I opened the first one, there were more than a few fire ants milling around.  Now I figured, it had just rained all day the day before, and ants don’t like to get wet, surely they’re just on there way somewhere else.  I even knocked on the wall a bit to make sure they weren’t nesting in the walls.  They got angry from the noise, but no more showed up.  I felt relieved, and thought I’d just let them go on about their business.  Then, I opened the second window, which just happens to be a foot away from the first.


As soon as I opened the window, I found a nest…a fire ant nest.  No dirt, no sand, just fire ants and eggs.  It may not be the environmentally friendly thing to have done for the ants, but suddenly I had to  protect my immediate environment.  I ran as fast as I could to the wasp spray – it’s the only bug killer we have – and carefully coated all the ants and they ticking-time-bomb-eggs.  I then went over and sprayed the ants in the first window, and wiped it all up.  Was it cruel?  Not at all.

For those of you who don’t know, Fire Ants are incredibly aggressive.  They bite anything that comes across their path.  Ever seen The Naked Jungle? Fire ants are sort of like that, only much smaller, and they may have Short-Man’s syndrome.  It’s best to use whatever means you have to keep them at bay.  Another point in my favour is that they are actually an invasive species from Mexico.  Mexican Fire Ants are killing native ant species, and other animals.  Their veracious appetites are decimating whole species of insects.  It’s really not a good thing.

I’ve never seen a fire ant nest on the inside, and I’ve never seen ant eggs so closely, but the fact that they are adapting to live in human-inhabited buildings worries me.  If we don’t fight them now, we may just have to deal with Them!


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