Redo Help…

When I got married, I received a lot of gifts, some great and some not so great.  The not so great ones I got rid over time, all except for one.

It was given to us by my favorite teacher, and I love him dearly, just not his taste in dishware.  I’m sure many of you are thinking it’s a beautiful piece, it’s just not me; I’ve never even used it.  I don’t want to get rid of it.  Every time I look at it, I think of the giver, but I also think what a waste.  So I’m throwing it to you.  Do you have any ideas of what I could do with it?  I hate having something around that I don’t/won’t use, so really, any idea is better than nothing.  Should I paint the underside?  Maybe it would look nicer in white.  Or maybe I should drill out the bottom and turn it into a …. ok, yeah, I got nothin’.




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2 responses to “Redo Help…

  1. caedwin

    It would help if you had something near to give s perspective as to the actual size of the dish. I’ve seen it, but I can’t remember the exact size. I might use it as a fruit bowl or something; maybe use it for a fresh floral arrangement.

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