Thrift Store Redo…

When I went to the thrift store the other week, I was actually only looking for two items – a large frame, and a box of some sort I could use to hold all of Son’s toy cars.  I’m an organised sort that likes one kind of toys in one place, and another kind somewhere else; guess I’m a toy segregater.  Really, I was just tired of losing the cars in the vast depths of the toy box.  I wanted a box that would go with the decor of my house, but be sturdy enough to withstand the wrath of a two year old.  Instead, I found this…

Wait, it gets better…

Yeah, I’m sure it was great, and someone worked really hard to paint that beautiful flower, but I don’t have a fairy princess living in my house, and it just wasn’t going to work for me.  So I went to the hardware store and bought some paint, and hardware.

First, I took of the giant purple flower from the hasp.  I saved it, you never know when you’ll need a giant flower.  Then I took all the hardware, but the hinges off and painted them flat black.  I also had to rip the spacer pieces off the side where some sort of handles must have been at some point.  When I bought the box, there were just spacers and sharp nails – they had to go.  Luckily, at the hardware store I found some great new handles, but they had to be special ordered, and took about a week to get here!  I sprayed the box with green paint that I thought would look nice against my yellow walls.  Let me just say that I am the worst spray painter in the world.  I get runs, and spots where the paint isn’t smooth.  I don’t know why, maybe I’m just too impatient for spray paint.  But that humongous pink flower was covered in the end – I know, you’re sad, me too.

I then measured and drilled the holes in the sides for my new handles.  It took a while, who knew press-board was soo hard to drill through.  And lastly, I put all the hardware back in place.  I’m quite pleased with the result.


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  1. caedwin

    it looks great! I really like the handles. What does son think of it?

    Who knows, maybe your industry will inspire me to clean my thrift store silver this weekend.

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