Early Bird…

I’ve begun a new job.  Sort of.  I’ve signed up to be a substitute teacher.  Things have changed quite a bit between when I was in school to now, or possibly just between small schools and larger ones, but substitutes can no longer just be baby-sitters who push play on the VCR.  I actually have to teach whatever it is the students are to learn that day.  It’s kinda scary.

The way subs are called in to work is also different now.  Everything is online these days, even substitute teaching positions.  No, not everyone can see them, you have to be accepted to the club first, but you accept and reject it all online.  Until you are a “preferred sub,” which to become you have to either know somebody, or work at the particular campus often, you only get to see the job four hours prior to the start of the assignment.  This means that every morning, I’ve been waking up at 5 am, checking the website for positions, and going back to sleep if nothing is available.  The way I figure it, most out-of-work folks are not going to wake themselves up just to check, and probably wait until 6:30 or so to log on.  Thank God for the iPhone; I don’t even get out of bed to check for spots.

This morning, when I checked, there was actually a position at an elementary school.  I accepted it.  Then I got out of bed.  If you’ll notice, the time stamp says its not even 6am yet.  School starts at 7:30, and I need to be there by 7.  Better get the kiddo ready for school!

P.S. I meant to have a fun post about another thrift store project, but the bolts are too long.  I’ll try for tomorrow.

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  1. Pamela

    Hope it went well today!

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