One of the things we are very proud about in our house is our backyard.  It’s nothing fancy, and we don’t do much other than mow and water the grass, but it looks great – which is good since we spend a good bit of time out there.  When the weather is nice, we eat supper on the patio, and sometimes we spend most of the afternoon just watching Son run around, or wrestling in the grass.  One of the things Husband has always wanted, is a hammock.  I wanted to get him one for his birthday, or Father’s Day, but they are so expensive.  I thought I would do the sensible thing, and wait till they went on sale, but with the weather how it’s been lately – still very much summer – the prices hadn’t come down much.  I had kinda given up on the idea, but then, I was in the check out line at the thrift store.

Because of the way they ring up the sales, by typing in the prices manually, one price at a time, customers have plenty of time to look around while waiting to pay for their purchases.  This is when I noticed there was a very nice, new hammock sitting in the display window.  I quietly asked what the price was, and how long it had been there.  The following Tuesday, I borrowed Husband’s truck, and returned to buy him the hammock he has always wanted.  It was missing two bolts, which I picked up easily at the hardware store, but was otherwise brand new.  Even better, it’s not the net-style hammock, but a beautiful striped canvas.  It also came with the frame to hang it, and tree hooks in case we happened to have trees spaced just right.

The hammock is now set up under our tree, swinging in the shade.  It’s been nice, and as it gets cooler, I know we will enjoy it all the more.   Wait till you hear the best part….

I only paid 140$ for it, frame and all.  I know I’ve gone on and on about my thriftstore adventure, but I’m amazed.  What can I say, I am completely converted.  And after the hammock find, Husband may be too!



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  1. caedwin

    no pictures??

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