The past week I have been busy transitioning Son from baby to kid.  I’ve boxed up his baby blankets, and gone through his toys.  I hung two hooks, at his level, inside his closet door for his jackets, and I even rearranged his dresser drawers so that he could use them.  Son can now get dressed completely on his own, if he only want to.  To aid in this task, I labeled his drawers, and it didn’t cost me a dime.

Husband had some leftover vinyl from when he put racing stripes onto his Mustang.  I asked, and he said I could use it for my labels, so I got down to business.  Of course, Son is not quite three, and since we never invested in the “Your Baby Can Read” program, he can’t.  So instead, I created pictorial labels, but included the words below in hopes that it will, at the very least, create a word recognition and familiarity.  Although, I will be lucky if he simply leaves the vinyl decals on the drawers.  After I created the labels on the computer, I mirrored the image, and printed it directly onto the back of the vinyl.  Then, I sat down with my trusty xacto knife, and got to slicing.  All those letters took some time, but I think it was worth it.  So far, the drawers looked good; I don’t know yet if the labels will work, but I have hopes!


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  1. Pamela

    Cool idea. Thank you for encouraging your son to be independent…not all parents do, and it’s pretty evident when they come to school!

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