Thrift Store Frames…

It took me all morning, but I got the project finished, and I’m getting the post up as promised.

I started with this…

The scroll frames were 2 bucks a piece, and the wooden one was a dollar. I started with the wooden frame.

I’m sure whatever the previous owner of the oval frame had a lovely idea for that fabric, but it just wasn’t my taste, so I took it out.  I happened to have some leftover paint from when I redecorated my guestroom last year.  I also had some foam-core that I cut from an old wall decor piece left over from college.  I cut a piece of the foam-core, and painted it with the blue wall paint.  I then sat down at my computer, and created a silhouette of my son.  Silhouettes are all the rage right now, and I thought why not hop on the wagon.  It’s a nice way to bring human feeling to a room, but generic enough to keep guests from being creeped out.  Plus, I liked the idea of putting mirrors next to a framed silhouette as a way to say “You are family too.”  Maybe that’s too metaphoric, but I tend to think that way; blame design school.

I masked the mirrors on the frames, and shot them several coats of high-gloss spray paint.  I’m a terrible spray-painter, but I got the job done.  While they were drying, I printed the silhouette, and cut it out.  I traced it onto some white contact paper, and stuck it to the blue foam-core.  Once the frames were dry, I cut out the blue foam-core to fit the oval frame, and placed the silhouette on it.  I then hung them all on the wall in the guestroom.  I’ve been wanting to hang something on the wall there since I finished the room last year, but didn’t know what to do.  Now that I have something, I love it!

Total cost was less than 10 bucks.  Can’t beat that!  Wonder what Husband will say…


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  1. I love what you have done. Great job! Thanks for sharing.

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