Spoils of the Hunt…

I went thrift-store shopping on Sunday for the first time, really.  Everybody is doing it, and I posted about how popular it is, so I thought I better give it another shot.  Boy, did I.

I may have gotten a bit carried away.  I spent a grand total of 80 dollars – which is a lot for a thrift store.  The most expensive thing I got was the 8$ copper casserole.  The platters were between 2-4 bucks.  The mirrors were 2 bucks a piece, and those silver “chalices” we four for 4 bucks.  Son, for whatever reason, thinks the chalices are awesome.  He’d filled them with water, eaten his snack in them, and put them to his ears – I’m not sure why, but I’m sure he had a good reason.  The NYC print you see was a dollar, and is a signed lithograph by L.A. Willete.  All I could find about him online was that he is dead, and he painted.  Maybe I should go on Antiques Roadshow, I could be rich!

I have big plans for the girly, white treasure box, and for the empty picture frame – which, incidentally, were the only reasons I was going thrifting in the first place.  Don’t worry, I will post all about it as it happens.  For now, I’ve just gotten the Silver polished.

Yesterday, while Son was at school, I sat down to this…

Yep, that’s all the thrift store silver, and a copper casserole.  I’ve never polished silver before, and never used Tarnx.  Yuck.  My house smelled terrible afterwards.  I had no idea, but when you combine the Tarnx with the tarnished silver, some sort of reaction happens, and a sulfur smell is released – my house smelled like rotten eggs, but the silver looked mostly better.

This casserole is probably my best find, assuming the Willitte print isn’t worth a fortune.  It’s heavy, steal-lined, and the base is even clear coated.  These are all good things because copper is great conductor of heat, meaning it will heat up evenly, and the steal lining means I can cook acidic foods in the dish without them tasting like pennies afterwards.  The clear coating protects against tarnish.  The lid’s coating has warn away, which is why it was tarnished in the first place.  I did my best, though my elbow grease isn’t as strong as perhaps Husband’s could have been.  Dirty or not, it will still cook the same.

This platter polished up the best, and easiest.  The chalices did fine, all but one which needs some work still.  Now that they are clean, I can use them for parties, or even just around the house.  I was going to use a chalice for loose change and other pocket items, but since Son likes to play with them so much, I put them away.

The platter that’s not pictured – the one with the handles – didn’t polish up well at all.  It needs a good soaking, and then some shine.  The areas where I was able to remove the polish came out a whitish colour, with no shine at all.  The copper is also wearing through the silver plating.  I put it away; I’m sure I’ll figure something out.

Stay tuned for more thrift store projects.



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