New Computer…

In a much needed, but very un-thrifty move, Husband bought us a new computer yesterday.  It’s an Acer, and it’s a monster.  See…

Maybe it’s simply because I’ve been staring at a 10 inch laptop for so long, but the new machine just seems expansive.  I will get used to it, I know.  But in the meantime, it means that I will have a lot of work to do setting up all my programs and such.  Migration is such a pain.  Seems a great Windows 7 idea would be for easy migration.  Well, that’s my idea, anyway.  If they use it, I want to be Heidi Klum in the re-imagination of it.

I have lots of great posts planned for this week, so whenever I get all this computer stuff going, I will be wowing you with greatness.  I promise.


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