Busy Busy Busy…

Yesterday, I was, well, busy.  Son was at school, and I took the opportunity to sort through all his toys, and do some shopping.  It took me all morning.

First, I had to bring all the toys in from the garage.  You see, Son has had an issue with picking up his toys at the end of the day, preferring instead that I pick them up, which means that I bag them, and toss them into the garage.  Out of sight.  They’ve stayed outside for weeks now, and in some ways, this is a blessing.  You know that old adage “Out of sight, out of mind?”  It’s especially true in two year olds – unless it’s something you don’t want them to remember.

So with Son out of the house, I drug the toys in, and went to sorting.  I’d love to say that I’m one of those uber-organised types, with a box for everything, but I just don’t have those kind of boxes.  Instead, I poured all the toys we wanted to keep back into the toybox, put all the blocks that were in the toybox back into the block basket, found a bunch of missing puzzle pieces, and anything that I didn’t want (notice I didn’t say we) I put either into the trash or into the trade pile.  It’s miraculous just how well the toys fit into the toybox now that I’ve tossed the random happy meal toys and other junk.

After I took the trash out to the curb, I grabbed the toys I was trading, and headed off to my local consignment shop.  Even though it was 90 degrees yesterday, all the recent rain made me realize that I didn’t have any pants for Son to wear.  Fall/winter would be here soon enough, and I’d better quit playing grasshopper.  Luckily, the consignment shop gives money/credit for old toys, and sells clothes too.  I simply handed over my things, including the most obnoxious child’s learning toy ever, and went hunting.  I snagged one jean jacket, one pair of corduroys, three pairs of khaki-coloured pants, and five pairs of jeans.  Because I had traded in those toys and received store credit, I only had to fork over 20 bucks in cash for all those clothes.

I may be most excited about the awesome deal, and getting some toys out of my house, but I could be equally as excited about the fact that I saved a few things from the landfill, and reuse is reigning supreme here.

Happy Weekend!


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