Birthday Cakes…

Last Sunday was my Birthday.  Yes, I’m getting old, and I’m feeling wiser already.  Wise ol’ me even convinced Husband to make me a cake from scratch.

Son wanted to make me a cake.  It really was adorable, and Husband gave in.  But Husband wanted to make a special trip to the store to pick up a box of Duncan Heinz and a can of frosting.  I told Husband that we had everything on hand to make a cake, and the icing here at the house.  Making a cake isn’t very difficult, and by using what we had, he’d save money and the trip to the store.

Then, I showed him which books had cake recipes in them.  Poor thing, he got a little discouraged flipping through the books, and I chose a recipe for him.  When he finally got down to business, Son had to go down for a nap.  As excited as I was to watch Husband and a two year old make a cake, for me, for my birthday, it was probably best that the sous chef was in bed and out of the way.

Husband read the instructions.  He started by spraying the cake pan with Baker’s Joy (a cooking spray with flour in it) and then he floured the pan as well.  Poor thing, but at least the cake didn’t stick!  The instructions called for a parchment paper circle to be placed on the bottom of the pan, so Husband cut a beautiful circle out of wax paper.  Luckily, I set him straight on this one – no one likes cake that tastes like crayons.  After that, he followed the instructions precisely.  Each move was carefully timed and orchestrated according to instruction.  It was a lot of fun to watch, and I even kept my mouth shut and my hands out of it the whole time.

Once he got the cake into the oven, he was pretty wiped, and informed me that I’d be making my own icing.  Gee, I got the hard part.  With a food processor, butter cream icing is the easiest thing to make.  You just toss a stick of butter into the bowl, add a pinch of salt if the butter isn’t salted, a splash of milk, a splash of vanilla, and some powdered sugar, and let it fly.  I added cointreau to mine for fun, and was done so quickly that when I walked out of the kitchen, Husband was shocked.

Once the cake was cooled, he did ice it.  And despite it’s made-with-love appearance, it tasted great.  He did vow to never make a cake again, but secretly, I think he’s glad he did it.  Not many guys can say they’ve made a cake from scratch, and he saved money in the process.  Let’s not tell him that he also saved the environment too by skipping the trip to the store, and the packaging from the mixes – that can be our secret.

Sorry no pictures.  There wasn’t any left!


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  1. caedwin

    no pictures of the cake??

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