We Got ‘Em!

Remember that mouse I mentioned last week?  Well, I made the decision, with help from Husband, to simply go cheap, and get an old-school wooden mousetrap.  While they’ve made some improvements on the design – you don’t bait it, it simply has a large paddle thing that the mouse scurries across, it’s still the same ole spring trap, and it costs 1.92 for four of them.  And really, they can be reused!  The glue traps can’t be reused for too long, and some of the others they had at the store had poisons and such.

So, I set the trap, and placed it where I was certain the little guy was emerging from, the space between the dishwasher and the cabinet.  Sure enough, come morning, the trap was lying upside down in the middle of the kitchen, and the mouse was lying on the floor just outside the suspected hole.  Husband picked it up, and promptly took him out to the trash.  I was secretly hoping to have more time for Son and I to get a close look at a mouse, but Husband was, I dare say, a bit grossed out about the whole thing.

Until a few years ago, I wouldn’t have gone through the trouble of buying, and setting a trap.  Blame all those propagandist mouse movies like Stuart Little, or the Mouse and the Motorcycle, but I didn’t see what the harm in mice was.  I figured they ate food scraps mostly, hey, with a two year old running around, I could could use the cleanup crew.  But they do more than that.  The eat furniture, they eat clothing, and they eat wires.  Mice chewing up the wires on my appliances is just something I cannot tolerate.  It means that I would have to deal with those awful warranty people, and appliance repair guys yet again!  No, the mouse had to go.

He may have had other family members, but I haven’t heard, or seen any since.  But if I do…


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