I’ve been thinking…

Husband and I go through a lot of wine.  A bottle or two a week.  Sometimes the bottles are the big ones, and sometimes, the regular sized ones.  Since it’s summer, it’s always white.  I recycle the bottles, like a good little steward, but I wonder if I couldn’t do something more creative.

Perhaps something like this…

Or this…

Perhaps, even this…

Sure, the last one is a bit large, but since I’d be making it custom anyway, I could fix the scale.  My problem with the project isn’t the work, or the availability, obviously, it’s that I’d prefer my bottle chandelier to have inconsistent glass.  Bottles that have thick spots, or wavy spots in the glass.  Bottles that look like they held wine for the Marque.  All of the bottles we end up with are machine perfect.  They don’t really lend themselves to a timeless quality that I’d like to have in my house.  Maybe that’s something I can fake – catalogues do it all the time.

If I ever get around to the project, I will most certainly blog about the process.  I’ll let you know….


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One response to “I’ve been thinking…

  1. namhenderson

    Definitely do it and document it

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