I saw a mouse!  Two, or four, days ago, I was sitting on the couch, and saw one crawl by.  Of course, the moment I moved, he ran.  I’ve go no reason to believe I’d have a mouse problem, so I just assumed that he came in from the rain, and would be on his way soon enough.

Well, he hasn’t left yet.  Husband saw him in the kitchen this morning, and then so did I.  He’s a fast little bugger.  So, Husband has instructed me to pick up a mousetrap today.  I figure it’s just one mouse, and he’s bound to leave sometime, but not Husband.  He’s concerned about the mouse chewing various wires; potentially starting a house fire, or just ruining our appliances, which would mean I’d have to call our warranty company and deal with all that again….  On second thought, I’d better get a trap!

So do I get the cheap wooden spring traps?  Maybe make an awesome mousetrap car while I’m at it?  Or do I get the bit more pricey glue trap so I can catch it live, and show it to Son as a Nature lesson?  Or do I go ritzy, and by one of those cage-like traps?  I could still show it to Son, and I wouldn’t have to worry about prying the poor thing off the glue, but I couldn’t make a snazzy car, either.

Right now I’m leaning toward the glue trap, mostly because a big pallet of glue just sounds like fun.  Then again, the wooden spring traps are like 10 cents a piece.  What would you do?


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  1. namhenderson

    I have a hard time killing even little roaches and other bugs. I always try to just take them outside. Or if I am really feeling agro I will flush them but i can’t ever bring myself to stomp/squish etc. So my vote would be for glue but then of course if the hole he got in through isn’t fixed he will just get back in.

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