Ikea, Ikea…

Several weeks ago, I received my brand new, shiny, Ikea catalogue.  It’s always fun to flip through the book, get ideas, and see what’s new.  This year, I noticed several places where “innovative green ideas” were taking shape.  Things like making desktops in the same way that hollow-core doors are made.  Just in case you aren’t up on the architectural lingo, hollow-core doors are, well, hollow instead of solid wood.  A honeycomb of cardboard is sandwiched between two veneers.  This makes the door lighter, and cheaper. The only drawback is that hollow-core doors aren’t as sound-deadening as solid wood ones.  So Ikea is now making their desktops in the same way.  Architecture student’s have known for years that doors make great desktops, but now everyone else can know too.

So how is this good for the environment?  Well, you don’t need nearly as much material to make a hollow-core desktop, and you don’t need nearly as much glue and such to hold it all together as you would with your typical particle board.  That means fewer noxious fumes in the air in your home, too.  Yay!

I’m going to Ikea today!  I’m very excited.  If I had one of those fancy-smancy sponsored blogs, this is where I’d tell you that I’m giving away a 50$ Ikea gift card, but I don’t.  Sorry.  Just the same, if I see anything I just can’t live without, I’ll let you know.


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