Fun Friday Quickie…

Monday is the first day of school around here.  In honour of all those kiddies going back to the classroom, I have compiled a fun list of ways they can do so, and still be green – not that any school-aged children read this thing.

  1. Wear last years clothes.  If you’re in high school, you know they still fit, you’re just being picky.
  2. Walk to school.  Not only will this help stave off any freshman fifteen, but you’ll be saving the planet as well.  That car you want so badly to drive is just spitting out green-house gas, costing you money, and making you fat.  And we all know how uncool it is to ride the bus; so just walk.  Besides, if you keep it up long enough, you just might have a real reason to buy knew clothes instead of just to be trendy.
  3. Reuse last years notebooks.  I know you didn’t use them all the way through.  Besides, having last years notes might actually help you this year.  It’d be like your own personal cheat-sheet.
  4. Same with pens and pencils.  You know you’re just going to lose the new ones within the first week, so save yourself some money.  You can pick up everybody else’s lost pens and pencils for free!

Happy Weekend!


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