So Much Fun, Son Thinks It’s a Game…

No, I’m not being sarcastic.  Son really does think it’s a game, and I’m not going to tell him differently.  So what am I talking about?



We don’t have a bin for our recyclables in the house – we just use the big outside can the waste disposal company gave us.  No, instead we let it stack up next to the microwave, and take it out when the stack begins to overtake the kitchen.  I’m trying to be better about it; really.  The other day, Son was supposed to place his can of bubbles and play-dough on the kitchen counter.  He’s going through this “I make my own decisions” phase, and said “No, I put with recycables,” and he did!

When it comes time to take a load of plastic and cans outside, he insists that I wait on him to put his shoes on, and then he picks up a few things.  He knows to go to the blue can and not the grey one.  I don’t know why it’s blue.  He thinks it’s a blast.

To me, it’s just a walk down the driveway, and a pile by the microwave, but to him!  To him it’s a wonderful game of stack’em up, grab’em up, run’em down the driveway, and toss’em into a big blue can.  If only recycling could be that exciting to the rest of us….


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