Gifts on the Cheap…


My Grandmother’s birthday is in two weeks.  Two weeks?  OK, a week and a half.  Like many grandmothers, she has everything, is difficult to buy for.  This year, we moved her into a retirement community, and although her apartment is nice, and we did bring things from home to decorate the place, it could serve to have a few more pieces brought in to lighten it up a bit.  So this year, for her birthday, I made her a gift.

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it, but I’ve recently really gotten into stitching.  Hand stitching.  Embroidery.  It was just something I picked up and started doing.  I’m a complete amateur, but I’m doing what works.  It makes me feel like a medieval lady, and it’s pretty relaxing – like reading a book, but without leaving your current surroundings.  So far I have only done decorative items, things that must be framed, nothing useful, and my gift to my Grandmother is no different.  I can tell you all about it here because she doesn’t own a computer, much less know what a blog is.

I saw a picture at the dollar store a while back, and thought it would look nice in her place.  The problem was that it was kind of static.  I decided it would look nice with a bit of depth and thread.  I traced over some of the image, and voilà, a pretty new picture, and it only cost me a dollar.  Ok, a dollar and 8 cents.  Talk about thrifty!



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2 responses to “Gifts on the Cheap…

  1. caedwin

    Your satin stitches are excellent! I’m sure she’ll love it.

  2. Janet Raybin


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