A Bit of a Question…

Maybe I’m just being cheap, or maybe I’m being green, but I’ve been wondering…

Should I turn all of Son’s too-short pants into shorts?  Many of them still fit him in the waist, but are becoming unfashionably short.  Sure I can save a bit of money chopping them off and hemming them up, but then they wouldn’t be good pants for the next child, if there is one.

What would you do?  So far I have boxed up and saved all of Son’s too-small clothes, just in case.  Maybe I should just continue that, and not turn his pants into shorts.

Have you ever modified a piece of clothing only to wish you hadn’t later?



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3 responses to “A Bit of a Question…

  1. Pamela

    Make ’em into shorts! You can always buy the second child a pair of pants when that time comes….IF you have that other child, of course.

  2. caedwin

    If you make them into shorts, he can wear them now AND so will the next one (IF there is a next one). The main problem with any sort of hand-me-downs is, the next child may be a completely different body type and may be a size 2 during the fall and by the time spring gets here, will be a size 3.

  3. I would. Personally my fav shorts have always been shorts that used to be pants. The real question is cutoffs or hem?

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