Speaking of Leftovers…

Tuesday night I made pita bread, and we had hummus and salad for supper.  I had half of the pita dough left – the recipe makes 10, so last night I put it to even better use.

I took about 2/3s of the the dough and rolled it out into a pizza crust.  I then topped it with…we’ll just say a special sauce, salt, pepper, spinach, kalamatas, bacon, and feta.  I popped the whole thing into a 500 degree oven and let it bake.  It was the best pizza I’ve ever made.  The crust was amazing, and a lot easier to make than my typical crust.  The pizza was so good, that Husband and I couldn’t really carry on a conversation while eating it; it kept getting interjected with pizza-related comments.  I don’t know that that has ever happened before.

I’m very pleased that the pita dough – which is “better” for you since it’s made with a bit of whole wheat and no lard- has become my new pizza dough, it’s a delightful discovery.  And that special sauce?  Well, it sounds strange, but it was just a thin coat of mayo with a spritz of vinegar; worked like a charm.

Guess I should’ve taken a photo, but we ate it too quickly.


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