Global Warming is Here…

So all winter I complained about how cold it was, all. the. time.  I joked about how I wished global warming would start because I was tired of the 30 below temperatures outside my door.  Well, I take it all back.  At least, most of it back.

Today will be day eleven of straight above 100 degree temperatures where I live.  And this isn’t counting the heat index which has been as high as 113.  Sure, I live in Texas, and the summers are hot and humid, but usually, hot just means 98 and the occasional day or two above 100.  This is getting out of hand, and from what the weather man has said, it’s likely to continue for at least a while.

In some ways the heat wave has been beneficial.  European cars break down more often, so Husband has been very busy at work, and even Son doesn’t want to be outside for too long so I get to sit in the A/C longer.  But I’m still ready for it to end.  Maybe this year we will get lucky and actually have a fall season – usually Texas goes from 85d to 45d in the course of a few days.  We’re lucky to get a week of nice 70d days.

In honour of the heat wave, I give you the funniest, most addicting song about heat ever.


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