And the Award Goes To…

Well, I don’t really know who is getting the awards, but I do know what and why it’s being given out.

Husband brought up the trash cans from the street last week, and when he came in, he handed me a slip of paper and said “Here, check and see if you won.”  I was as confused as I’m sure you are right now, but when I took his slip of paper, it all became clear.

I am “Recycle Program Compliant,” and as such, I am given a number and entered into a drawing to receive a 25$ gift card.  Pretty sweet, really, and no, they don’t just give these complaint sheets out to anyone.  They have red slips for those who failed, with pictures of what they did wrong, and yellow slips for those who almost get it right, with those same pictures that the recycle man can circle, but yours truly, being a pro as I am, skipped right to the green slip.

Of course, I didn’t win the 25 bucks, but it’s still pretty cool that it’s even an option.  I was recycling before, but now….now I could win BIG!


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