Scrap to Treasure…

You know that saying about one man’s trash?  Well it’s completely true, and it’s a great way to make some cash.

I told you guys that we are a “car” family.  What I didn’t tell you is that in addition to running and non-running cars parked in our driveway, we also have copious amounts of metal stacked up in the garage.  Most of the metal takes the form of some part or another belonging to some motor we no longer have, or to no longer need.  And here is where the treasure part comes in.

Enter Craigslist.  Everyone knows that Craigslist is a goto place for selling junk on the web.  Yesterday, Husband posted a whole engine on the site, and within hours somebody called, came by, and took it off our hands.  Oh, and they gave us a hundred bucks for it.  Husband’d original plan was to simply haul the thing off for scrap, but this was a better deal.  We didn’t have to haul it, and we got more money!

In a down economy, everyone is looking for a deal, and everyone is looking for new places to create cash.  I bet you’ve got at least 100 bucks lying around right now, just waiting for you to liquify it.  Good Luck!


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