Another Confession…

Husband is a car guy.  Always has been; always will be.  I have known him for twelve years, and in that time, he has owned 19 cars – at least, thats what I can remember; there may be more; none of them have been high MPG scale.  The cars have ranged from trucks to mustangs with an escort, fairlane and tempo thrown in, but now it’s a 1968 LeMans, and after more than a year of work, it finally runs.

All three of us worked on it all weekend.  Yes, all three of us.  I turned a wrench or two, Son mostly “worked” on the interior or put random bolts into the holes on “his motor” – an empty engine block, and Husband, he just sat back and watched us sweat.  Ok, not really.  He did his part too.

So what’s the confession?  The LeMans is a carborated engine.  It drinks gas like a drunk drinks whiskey, sometimes even spewing a bit.  It is the antithesis to green living.  And right now it doesn’t have and exhaust, period, so while it’s not pumping out black smoke, it isn’t muffling sound and it doesn’t have catalytic converters – talk about noise and air pollution.  But it’s not an everyday driver.  Heck, right now it doesn’t even have brakes, so it’s not a driver, period.  And maybe it not being driven daily can kind of help average out that gas-guzzling, make it more of a social-binger than a drunk.

All this does have me thinking, though.  You can’t get rid of car guys; it’s in their blood.  Can you instead, begin to make the parts they use on their cars a little greener?  Can they cast the pulleys or valve covers from recycled metals?  Could they make the fan shroud, trim pieces, and even seat foam from recycled plastic, or plant-based materials even?  Something to help assuage the MPG and exhaust overload.  Maybe all you can really do is purchase carbon-credits.  Can I pick up a few at Wal-Mart?


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  1. namhenderson

    1968 LeMans huh. Woohoo

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