Another Company Going Green…

While in class on Saturday, we had to use markers – we have to use markers a lot.  One of the students at my table brought her own to share with the class.  Boy, was I surprised when I pulled out a blue marker to find the barrel was black instead of white.  I was stunned, actually.  Turns out, by using black barrels instead of white, Crayola can use more recycled plastics.  They also plant a new tree for every one they use for their coloured pencils.  The box also said something about windmill power, but I’m not sure if they are using windmill power, or if it was just there for educational purposes.  All the same, I am happy when large companies take an initiative to do something green.  They are so big that they can make a bigger impact than you or I can with one action.

The black barreled markers still freak me out a bit; I mean, I’ve been using white ones since I was little.  But I will buy the black barreled ones from now on – assuming I can find washable one.

Way to go Crayola!


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  1. Pamela

    Just bought some of those black barrel markers myself. I hadn’t really read the box yet, but now I know why the barrels are black!

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