No More Lists…

I’m giving up on the Friday Lists.  They were difficult to come up with, were getting redundant, and no one was reading them anyway.  So, from now on, unless I just miraculously come up with a great list, Fridays will be like any other day around here.

Last night I made lasagna.  While I was making the sauce, I could tell it needed just a bit of fresh basil.  Problem was, I hadn’t bought basil at the store is ages!  I didn’t even have dried basil.  The refrigerator repair man was here working on the fridge, so I couldn’t go and get any either.  What was I going to do?  Then it hit me.  I planted basil in the front yard last spring!  I don’t have to buy basil.

I hadn’t used any of my planted basil because, well, it wasn’t doing as nicely as the store bought ones.  I just stuck it in a hole, and left it alone.  If I had watered it, it’d be much bigger, I’m sure, but instead I let nature do its thing.  But since I really needed basil for my sauce, I ran out front and picked about three leaves.  I was excited and happy that I was so self sufficient.  Then Son came out and pulled an entire top of the poor plant.  I hope it lives.



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2 responses to “No More Lists…

  1. caedwin

    ah yes, the joy of 2-year olds!! Hope the plant survives. Maybe it will bush more; that’s usually what happens when you “top” a plant.

  2. In my experience with Basil it will survive this sort of thing quite well. I routinely cut the top off once it starts getting too tall or flowering and it always just grows back bushier.

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