I Feel Terrible…

Yesterday, I couldn’t think of anything to write about, and so I shirked my duties, and tried to put it all on you.  I typed a measly few sentences, and walked away.  I then had over 15 people show up to read my piddly little post.  I’m sure they were disappointed, and for that I am sorry.  I will try to do better.  Really.

Today I’m reaching for straws when it comes to topics, so I’m already testing my new promise.  Lets see…

Husband sent me flowers for our anniversary last week.  He never gives me flowers, so I was thrilled.  There are 12 white roses, and all the baby’s breath and green leafy things that typically go with a rose arrangement.  He told me that he asked for tulips, but that the florist said they weren’t in season.  It did have me wondering this morning if cut flowers had some sort of environmental impact.  Boy, was I in for a surprise.

Turns out, according to this article here, cut flowers are wrecking havoc on the world and it’s people.  Most flowers are grown in Africa, Columbia, and Asia, inside hothouses that are fumed with more pesticides than many of us would ever want to think about.  Because they are in poorer countries that have little chemical regulation, many of the plants are still sprayed with DDT and other banned substances.  Many of the workers are put to task without the hazmat suits they should really be wearing, and suffering health effects because of it.  The amount of pesticide on rose petals alone can be 50 times higher than what is approved for our fruits and vegetables – think about that next time you toss a bouquet in with your groceries.

Seems we should give flowers the same guidelines that we give our produce.  Buy locally grown, organic flowers for our table, and buy seasonally.  You know that you get  better quality produce this way, and according to the above article, you could get better quality flowers too; it says that many flowers are bred without scent!  That seems to kinda defeat the purpose.

In the end, it comes down to choice.  Do you want the flowers you purchase to override the organic produce you buy?  They both go into your cart at the grocery store, and they both sit on your table.  I think my flowers must have, at least in part, been grown locally or organically.  Why?  Well, the florist wouldn’t give Husband flowers that were out of season, and based on the number of bug eggs on the underside of the fern-y leaves, they didn’t use pesticides.  That, and they made my house smell like a funeral home.

If you really want to be green and savvy, just cut flowers on the side of the highway.  We have the prettiest sunflowers growing wild here; they don’t last long once they’ve been cut, but they were free, and I can assure you they weren’t sprayed with DDT.


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  1. Pamela

    Huh, sure didn’t know all that. Interesting post!

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