Happy Anniversary to Me!

While it may not be anything as fancy as my blogging anniversary, though I think that’s more like a birthday, it is my wedding anniversary today.  This year, I wanted to give Husband a flask.  He has always wanted one, an to be honest, I’m not sure why he hasn’t already received one.  I must be forgetful.

So I ordered Husband a flask online, and then got to work.  Have I confused you yet?  Sorry.  I didn’t want to give Husband just any old flask, I wanted to engrave it, but being the designer that I am, I couldn’t just get it engraved, no I had to break out the Adobe Illustrator, xacto blades, and media blaster, and do it myself.  I don’t know why, it’s just a problem I have.

I realized that I have made every anniversary gift,with the exception of one, since we got married.  We’ve only been married four years, so thats not too many, but I was still amazed.  The first year, I made a photo montage-y thing of our wedding and framed it.  The next year, I made him a hand woven necklace so he could wear his wedding ring while at work – his line of work makes it dangerous to wear it on his hand, and this year, I made this.

Now I know that some of you have already seen this, I was just so happy with it, that I couldn’t wait to share.  In fact, I gave Husband his present to unwrap at breakfast this morning.  Now, I can tell you how I did it.

After the flask arrived, I took some measurements, and opened my favorite layout program.  I then came up with three ideas that I wasn’t crazy about, but didn’t quite know what else to do.  I posted my “sketches” online, and asked some advise.  A graphic designer I know fussed at me for stretching the text, as I knew she would, and told me to find fonts that were already in the proportion that I wanted them in.  I went back to the drawing board, and came up with a new, and better design.  I then printed it onto sticky-back (clear, printable, sticker paper), and stuck that onto a sheet of contact paper – I wanted the added strength of the vinyl.  I then cut out the middle date, and stuck the whole sheet of contact paper onto the flask; then I put the 2 year old to bed, and set out to do the more detailed work.  I cut out the bands around the letters and numbers, leaving them in place.  I then wrapped everything I didn’t want blasted in tape, and headed to the garage.  After finding the plugs for the light, and turning on the compressor, I put the flask into the blasting cabinet, stuck my arms into the gloves – which is always the worst part, you never know what could be in there! – and blasted away.

When I was finished, I removed all the tape and contact paper to reveal the protected stainless beneath.  I washed everything – blasting is a very messy thing – and wrapped it up with a bow.

It may seem like a lot of trouble, but in the end I got a personalized flask for less than 20 bucks, and that includes the over night shipping.  It took me less than two hours to cut and blast it, and Husband loves it.  I guess what I’m saying, is that with a bit of thought, you can turn an inexpensive present into a priceless gift; you just have to look around.


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  1. caedwin

    What a great job you did! To me, items that you make yourself mean so much more than just buying them off the shelf. Altho’ as long as you put thought into whatever you give someone that is the really important thing, because it means that you spent time really thinking about what someone would like to receive; you didn’t just run to the store and grab the first think you saw or you didn’t take the easy way out and just give cash/gift card.

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