Doctor Doctor…

I have to take Son to the doctor today.  He’s been running a pretty good fever for the past two days, and well, I figure there must be a reason.  Going to the doctor brings out the cheapside in me.  I hate going, paying the copay, and only be told to give Tylenol.  Sometimes I’m told to pick up a prescription, and that at least makes me feel like it was worth it, even if it does cost more money.  I know, I’m a bit crazy.

Going to the Dr’s makes me think of all the waste associated with medical practice.  I know things are used and tossed in the name of sanitation, but I wonder if it’s all really so necessary.  Sure, needles shouldn’t be reused, but do we have to cover the exam table with paper?  Wouldn’t it be better to just wipe it down with vinegar?  If the nurses don’t have time, hire one of the million unemployed to take care of it.

Maybe this is all a bit extreme, but maybe not.



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2 responses to “Doctor Doctor…

  1. caedwin

    why not just use sheets? and cloth gowns, instead of those awful paper ones? They could all be washed in the same loads.

    But, what if the paper that they use is made from recycled products and then it could be recycled itself. That would be ok, right?

  2. Pamela

    How’s he doing? I had strep throat myself about 2 weeks ago. It sucked.

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