A New Hobby…

I have found a new hobby, and so far, it hasn’t cost me a thing.

After my great success making Son’s stuffed Maisy, I decided to start embroidery.  I like how I can sit on the couch, stitch, and still be present, unlike when I read a book.  It also makes me feel all medieval – somewhere in my brain I must have embroidery associated with ladies of the castle, I blame Snow White.  So how have I managed to start a new hobby for free?  Well, lucky for me, my mother’s Hobby Lobby closet has things like embroidery hoops, and when I was working at my Grandmother’s old place I found loads of thread used in embroidery that she wasn’t using anymore.  After that, I just drew some pictures onto that same old sheet I’ve been making everything out of, and went to town.

New hobbies are always exciting, and I bet if you look around, you can find one that won’t cost you a penny to get started.  Good Luck!


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