Talk About Reuse…

I went to a wedding on Saturday – I know, I’ve had quite a few weddings to attend this year.  This was a simple sort of country wedding, with barbecue and beer, and no not Hotdogs and Hamburgers, I mean good ol’ smoked brisket thats been slow cooked so long that the fat layer melts into a delicious buttery sort of custard.  Yumm.  But just because is was country, doesn’t mean there wasn’t some nice recycling going on.  Case in point – this man…

I was standing at the Shiner keg refilling my, and my husbands cups when a man in plaid and a baseball cup approached the Coors Light keg.  What happened next was incredible.  Instead of reaching down for a cup, the man picked up the nozzle with one hand, and held a coozy covered beer can in the other.  He then began to refill his can; why waste a plastic cup.  Sure, if I had told him what he was doing was green, or worse, called him a treehugger, he probably would’ve shot me.  Since the likely hood that he reads my blog is slim to none, I will call him out here, and congratulate him.  Way to go Mr. Beer-Can-Filler-Upper, we need more people like you.



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2 responses to “Talk About Reuse…

  1. caedwin

    sounds like one of those budweiser salutes commercial!

  2. namhenderson

    I do this all the time. Plus, have i mentioned before I love Shiner Bock. They recently (about 1 year ago) started taking over the hipster(y) parts of my city drinking establishments..

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