How often is it that we simply buy new when something breaks?  My computer is slow; it annoys me, and I want  a new one.  Many times, people just upgrade rather than pay the repair bill.  This was especially true at a shop down the street – owners would bring their cars in, hear there was a 2,000 dollar estimate, and say “Bah, I’ll just go buy a new car,”  at least, it was true before the recession.  The thing is, it is actually cheaper for the consumer, and better for the environment to repair something.

I’ve been trying to get my dishwasher repaired for months now, which you all know, and even though at times I was so aggravated I just wanted a new one to be done with the process, I’m glad that it seems to be working now, and isn’t taking up space in a landfill.

Today, I’m taking my grandmother’s striking clock to a clocksmith to have it repaired.  (strange, google is telling me that cloclsmith isn’t a word.)  Obviously it’s old, and has sentimental value, but they do still make and sell striking clocks, although, I bet a new one would cost more than the repairs will.

I bet there are many things that break, and people just don’t think to have them repaired.  Next time, do a quick search, see if it’s possible, and keep your broken junk out of the landfill.


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