Summer is the time for vacations, traditionally anyway, and it’s got me thinking.  Are there eco/wallet friendly vacations out there?  Last weekend, Husband and I packed up the kiddo and went to my now vacant grandmother’s house.  Her house is in the country, and I mean no town for 15 or more miles, and it’s quiet – with the exception of the obnoxious four wheelers riding up and down the highway, but I digress.  We did a little fishing, sat on the porch swing, cooked fried green tomatoes, and after Son went to bed, Husband and I played dominoes and Gin.

We had a great time, but I realize that not everybody has a fully equipped and empty house to go to when they want to “get away.”  Most of us spend an average of $4,000 dollars for a vacation, and even thats on the cheap side.  Last year, we went to Florida and rented a beach cottage.  The thing is, we had to use tons of gas to get there, and then we had to buy and then toss foods that we didn’t cook up, or we ate out most meals.  And I noticed that the water closer to the hotels had more algae than where there weren’t any hotels, which made me wonder if sunscreen isn’t a water pollutant.

Our vacations have a huge impact on the environment, and I wonder if it always has to be that way.  I suppose you could try camping, but unless you’re doing it Bear Grylls style, you’re probably leaving an impact to some degree.  I don’t really have a solution for you, but perhaps, wherever you go, if you clean up after yourself, and pick up a bit of what someone else left behind, you could make more of a dent instead of a crater.  Heck, I had to fuss at Son yesterday because he wanted to pick up trash in the middle of the street.  If we were all so excited about picking up trash as he is, our world would be immaculate.


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