I Lost a Battle…

You know what they say: Lose a battle and not the war; I’ve done just that.  I pulled up my zucchini plants yesterday.  I’m not discouraged, though.  On the contrary, I’m ready for next year, and I know more now, too.

I pulled up the plants because, well, I wasn’t growing any zucchini, just flowers and squash bugs, lots and lots of squash bugs.  The plants never got any larger than maybe 18 inches tall, and now I know that’s not nearly big enough.  Next year, I’ll plant fewer, and more space in between each plant.

The okra is doing well, but again isn’t as large as other plants I’ve seen.  I assume its dirt related, but I’m happy with it just the same, and next year I will plant one more plant – giving me three total.

The tomato plants, well, they aren’t looking too good.  Something has happened in the last week.  Sure, they never got more than 18-20 inches tall, but they were fruiting, and one of the plants even grew a few inches last week.  But now, now their leaves are turning yellow and brown.  Maybe it’s from all the rain we got last week, but it’s not looking good.  Next year, I will plant them further apart as well.

And my peppers?  Well, those were looking greener, and seemed to have more leaves, but never grew any taller than when I planted them.  I don’t know what happened with them at all.  Maybe I got dud plants.  I try those again next year too.

How did your garden fare this year?


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