Guess What!!!

I know, I know.  I normally post a fun list of free earth saving ideas on Fridays, but I’m just too excited out this to wait.  And besides, based on the numbers, the Friday lists aren’t exactly topping the charts, so I don’t think you guys will miss them.

But my news.  Ok.  Here goes.

I think my dishwasher may be fixed!  I know.  I know.  I think I may throw a celebration party.  After looking up solutions for my problem online, I gave up and went to the store.  I looked at what was on the aisle for dishwashers, and saw a can of Lemi-Shine.  I had seen it mentioned in the comments section of an internet page, and gave it a look.  It’s for hard water, and had pictures of before and afters of dishes that looked like mine.  So I looked a bit more, and even better, it has no phosphates!  I figured that it was a good a shot as any, and brought it home.

I noticed a difference immediately.  Really.  I was so excited, I did a whole other load right after dinner.  It’s only been two washes, so I could be tragically jumping the gun here, but it seems to be working.

They don’t really print the ingredients on the can, but it says its just citris and other natural ingredients.  No.  I didn’t taste it just to see.

Sure, it sucks to have to buy a supplement to my soap, but the dishes are cleaner than they are with hand washing, and Husband will help again.

Happy Weekend!


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