Dish Washing Dilemma…

Well, the warranty company sent a new company, and guy, to my house to look at my dishwasher yesterday.  As you may know, it hasn’t worked in months, and we’ve – I’ve – been hand washing dishes for weeks.

The guy opened the machine, said it was Calcium build-up, put some Jet Dry into the rinse aid dispenser, and told me to run a couple bottles of Dishwasher Magic through until the machine was clean.  Then, he said I had to either find soaps that contained phosphorous, or use Glassware Magic in addition to my soap because it has 26% phosphorous.

The thing is, detergent companies are taking phosphorous out of soaps, and there must be a reason.  I did some research; I couldn’t remember much about phosphorous except an ominous association.  Two clicks on the internet, and it all came back.  Oh yeah!  Phosphorous is what makes bugs and fish glow.  Oh yeah.  Phosphorous is what they use in fertilizers, and is terribly polluting our water.  That’s why they are removing it from soap; it’s growing and then killing our vegetation, and choking out the animals.

Great.  So what am I to do?  I can keep washing dishes by hand, I can buy a water softener for the dishwasher, or I can buy a different soap that will most likely kill off all life on earth.  What would you do?



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2 responses to “Dish Washing Dilemma…

  1. caedwin

    another thing to consider is you want to use a detergent that is low in bleach as well; the bleach will destroy the finish on your stainless silverware. As will the ones with lemon scents; so you need one with low (or no) bleach and no lemon.

  2. caedwin

    you might consider installing a filter cartridge just for the dishwasher. they run about $50 and last for several months. We have one for our drinking water in the kitchen, but there’s no reason why you couldn’t use it for the dishwasher.

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