Trying to Start Habits…

Funny thing about habits, they’re hard to start, and hard to break.  There are many bad habits – smoking, biting your nails, chewing with your mouth full, but there are also lots of good habits – washing your hands after using the restroom, putting recyclables into the recycle bin, and now, I’m trying to start a new one.

Maybe all the half aprons have me in a fuzzy post-war fog, or maybe it’s just how I’ve always been, but I want to start making bread every day.  After making the pita bread twice in one week, it really made me realize how much better the bread can taste, and how simple it can really be.  Since all recipes make enough bread for at least a medium size family, I think I will cut them all in half, and I want to save some dough from each day to use in the next.

Sure, I could get bored, but I’m hoping the flavor will be my reward.  That, and my whole house will smell like baking bread everyday.  Wish me luck!



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2 responses to “Trying to Start Habits…

  1. caedwin

    what a marvelous idea. you should be able to refrigerate half of the day’s batch and then just let it rise and then bake it the next day.

  2. Pamela

    Or….you could just buy a loaf from your local grocery store. 🙂

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