I’ve Recently Discovered…

…what half aprons are for.  I always thought they were silly.  When cooking, it’s always my shirt that gets messy, not my pants.  It might look odd, but it always seemed that if one were to wear a half apron, that it’s the top half that should be worn.  That is, until I realized that half aprons aren’t so much for protecting you from splattered tomato sauce, but from dishwater while doing the dishes.

I’m still washing my dishes by hand, although another technician is coming out on Wednesday to see what he can figure out about my broken dishwasher.  And while doing all these dishes my hand, I noticed that no mater how hard I tried, I always ended up leaning against the counter while scrubbing the plates and cups, getting my waist and pants soaked in the process.  That’s when it hit me about all those half aprons.

My Great Grandmother left tons of home made aprons with my Grandmother, and I was given two of them.  I never did anything with them, because, well, they seemed pointless, but after all this dish washing, I thought I’d try one on; see if it helped against the soggy middle I was getting from cleaning my kitchen.  It worked like a charm, and I grabbed all the half aprons my Great Grandmother left behind.  I now wear them everyday, and because I have so many, I can coordinate them with my outfit!  It feels kinda neat to wear something that a lady, who died when I was 6, made and wore everyday.  I wonder what she would think of me now.  I wonder if she would approve.


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