Friday Quickie…

The 4th of July is this weekend.  That means friends, food, and fireworks.  Here’s a quick list to save you money, and make you green with earth-friendliness.

  1. If you’re serving food at a get together, consider serving food on sticks – sausages, sattay, or the all American corndog.  If you use sticks, you won’t need to buy plates, or wash plates, and food on sticks are always more fun.
  2. Since you’re eating food on a stick, chances are you’ll be walking around, and that can get messy.  Move the party outside.  I’ve said before that having parties outside will save in cooling cost, ect,  but it can also cut down on the mess.
  3. Enjoy somebody else’s fireworks.  If you’ve ever set off your own fireworks, you know they are very messy.  The leave paper shrapnel all over the place.  All that litter is bad for the environment.  So go to the big show in town, and save yourself some litter.

Happy weekend!


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