Maybe I Missed My Calling…

I think I’m going to open an Etsy site.  I’ll make and sell children’s toys made from junk in my house; I like it, I’ll get paid to recycle my trash into treasures.  Like this oven that I made for Son yesterday – hey, we’re an equal opportunity household here.

Son loves to cook.  He makes “soup,” and it’s delicious, or tasty, depending on how he’s feeling that day.  I caught him trying to put one of his pots into my oven yesterday morning, and decided he needed his own.  Besides, my oven is nearly 30 years old, and something as delicate as Son’s soup shouldn’t be subject to something as contancorous and uneven as my oven can be.  It’s also more energy efficient to use an oven comparable in size to what it is you’re cooking; no need to heat up all that extra space.

So I found a distributer box in the garage that I thought was perfect in size, grab my handy-dandy xacto knife, and went to town.  Of course I put Son down for his nap first; it’s best that a two year old not see you cutting up things with an xacto knife.

It took me close to an hour to get the handle made, the burners drawn, and the oven door working – it’s on a track.  When Son woke up, he loved it.  He spent all evening making “soup.”  At one point, he even had a grape pie in the oven.  I hope Husband doesn’t want his distributer box back.


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