Tasty Garden Produce…

I thought you might enjoy seeing what I have been creating with some of my garden produce.  Sure, all I’ve picked from the garden has been three tomatoes and two okra, but I’m ok with that.  This salad was made with one of my tomatoes, and since cooking blogs seem to do so well, who knows, maybe my readership will spike!

The salad was simple; designed while traveling on the road last evening, returning from a birthday party that was hours away, and thrown together as soon as I walked in the door.  It was really that simple that I’m almost ashamed to say it has a “recipe” if it weren’t just so gosh-darned tasty.

First, I separated a bunch of spinach.  Actually, I heated up a skillet first on medium high, then I separated the spinach.  After all that, I tossed what remained of the previous night’s beef  fajita meat, and then put all that spinach on top of it.

In a mixing bowl – I always mix salads in a mixing bowl – I placed some cubed goat cheese, and tossed it with some ground rosemary.  Since goat cheese is so soft, I use metal wire to cut it; you could use a guitar string if you wanted.  Now that would be a reuse.

I turned off the stove, and removed the skillet from the burner – I have electric burners, and they continue to cook after they’ve been turned off.  I then added a chopped tomato, fresh from my garden, and about 8 halved kalamata olives, not from my garden, and some chive.  Once it was tossed, I poured in the steak/spinach mixture, and coated with a bit of balsamic dressing, salt and pepper, and plated.

I thought the rosemary made a nice addition, though Husband couldn’t taste it.  And in honor of the rosemary and kalamatas, I’m calling this my Greek Steak Salad.  If I had it, a think a bit of lavender, or herbs de Provence   would have been lovely.

Oh well.  Enjoy!


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