Fun Friday Quickie…

I am attending a baby shower this weekend, and since everyone knows that “quickies” is how you get into this mess in the first place, it’s only seems appropriate to dedicate a Friday Quickie back.

Sure, one could argue that the best way to save money, and the planet would be to not have a child in the first place, but just in case the child is the one person who can save the planet from us humans, here’s a list to save money, and the planet when bringing home an infant.

  1. Infants are tiny, and sleep all the time.  Although it is required that new parents buy a carseat, it is not required that they buy a crib.  Let the new baby sleep in the carrier.  They will feel safer in the tight fit of the seat, too.
  2. For those time when you can’t have the baby asleep in his carseat, try something else equally as simple, a banana box perhaps.  They are just the right size, and even have holes around the sides.  Heck, legend says that my Great Grandmother put my Dad to sleep in a dresser drawer.  I’m sure she left it open, although at times I could understand if she didn’t.
  3. Another place to save money is to simply avoid where most parents spend their money.  Clothes.  An infant doesn’t really need any clothes, they just need to stay warm; besides, they tend to spit up so much that if they were wearing clothes, you’d have to change them constantly.  So save yourself the extra work, water, and money, and just wrap the baby up in receiving blankets.  Trust me, the baby won’t know the difference anyway.
  4. The other area parents spend all there money is on diapers.  Yes, you can use cloth diapers, but what you save in money and landfill space, you use in water and soap.  But, I’ve seen on the internet – and we all know that what the internet says is gospel – that some European parents actually go diaper-less, opting to rush their child to the potty, even at weeks of age.  Sounds much cheaper and environmental to me!
  5. And finally, if you’re really hard up for cash, you could sell your bed.  This will prevent another family from having to spend money to buy one, and save on packaging waste.  And it’s not like you’ll be sleeping anyway.

Happy Weekend!


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